Within GOBL there are two modes: [1] story mode and [2] individual games.
[1] In the story mode there is a fixed order. At certain places in the story, the language learner has to play games, and after playing the games the story continues.
[2] In the ‘individual games’ mode one can choose which games to play. There are two versions of these mini-games: Version 1 & Version 2.

Within the GOBL project there first was a design phase, and then version 1 of the mini-games was developed, consisting of three mini-game types: Lie detector, Fingereprints, and Roof-surfing parrot.
Version 1 of the mini-games was evaluated in the four contries of the participating partners: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, and South-Africa.
Based on the feedback we received we developed version 2 of the mini-games. The three existing mini-game types were improved (Lie detector, Fingereprints, and Roof-surfing parrot), and one mini-game type was added: Line-up.