GOBL (Games Online for Basic Language Learning) is a project aiming to develop web-based mini-games for youths and adults, who wish to improve their language skills.

Educational mini-games – are small and self-contained games focusing on specific well-defined learning topics, which are highly reusable, cost effective and motivating

For the teaching of foreign languages a number of fully immersive games exist, but they often target advanced language learners or require expensive hardware and gaming skills. Mini-games are particularly fit for low-skilled and/or disadvantaged language learners. But existing mini-games are not adapted to the needs of the learners and do not contain opportunities to practice speaking skills.

For whom?
Young and adult beginning language learners in different educational settings, and organizers of blended learning programmes in secondary and adult education.

In order to cater for the needs of beginning language learners the main objective of this project is to use the motivational elements of gaming for the basic training of grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills. Learning materials will be developed for Dutch, English and French and will be available through mini-games that are embedded in motivating on-line tasks. Additionally, speech recognition technology will be implemented for speaking practice in Dutch and English

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